About Us

The couple behind Alt X Videos:

Chichi and SansanArchie is graduate of De La Salle University. He has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and because he is a nerd who is passionate about academics, he studied some more and finished his Master of Arts in Philosophy degree. After getting his MA, his dad got him a DSLR as a graduation gift. Two of the lenses he got as a gift are still two of our everyday lenses to this day. Archie has attended a lot of workshops about Photography, Photoshop, Video Editing and more. He is the main videographer/director of Alt X. If you are in a meeting with him and he just happens to stare into space after hearing your love story, please do not get offended. That’s just his creative juices flowing to his brain, temporarily putting his mind in a creative trance, if there’s such a thing. When he snaps out of that trance, the next thing he’ll do is tell you some of his ideas. Note: Do not ask him anything about politics as you may just find yourself in a heated debate. You have been warned. >:)

Chichi and Sansan

Sansan is also a graduate of De La Salle University with a degree in AB Economics. Just to let you know, she has not used any of the economic theories she learned in real life and has probably forgotten everything. She used to tag along Archie’s photoshoots and enrolled in a few Photography courses just so she could keep up. Archie loves entering contests but Sansan somehow ends up placing. She concluded that she just may have a gift. (lol) She edits most of the onsite videos produced by Alt X and finds solace in junk food and a fluffy pillow.

Chichi and SansanArchie and Sansan have been together since 2000, got married in 2009 and now have 2 Mini Schnauzers. One thing they have done from the very beginning of their love story is watch at least one movie a week. Archie is into the more serious brain-wracker-type movies while Sansan loves watching Happy Tree Friends just having a good laugh. They both, however, love reading and watching love stories; which is probably why Alt X Videos was born.

Alt X Videos’ goal is to tell your unique love story the way stories are supposed to told. Natural, candid, just happy.