Archie Sy
Director / Founder
Sansan Sy
2010 Canon Photo Marathon
2010 Canon Photo Marathon Winner in Video Category (Philippines)
2014 WPPP Wedding Video Contest
Won the 2014 Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines Wedding Video Making Contest.

Our Story

As a young child, I was already fascinated with cameras and computers. Because of that, I was unofficially made the videographer of our family. I was not paid with money but with laughter and appreciation by giving them the opportunity to relive the past. I captured every family trip and gathering. I was the keeper of memories. I used to dream of becoming a big shot lawyer having my own law firm but eventually realized that I wanted to be someone that would bring happiness to everyone around me. I never knew that this was something that I wanted to keep doing to this day.

My wife and I started ALT X back in 2010 after being inspired by our own wedding video. We were amazed by the reaction and appreciation shown by our guests as well as the the artistry of our videographer. During that night, I was reminded that this is what I wanted to do. I was inspired and thought that I would like to recreate that moment that brought joy to me that night, but this time for other people.

It has now been more than 7 years since we launched ALT X Videos. As our team grew, we felt that it is now time to expand our company. We will be soon launching our new brand, ALT X Studios. Aside from wedding videography, we will be offering photography services as well as a soon to be announced service that would best capture your special moment.

We’re currently back from scratch but we promise that we will do our best to be better each time. I will still lead the studio but will leave it up to my senior photographers and videographers to capture your moment and for us to tell your story the best way we can.