Gerald and Cathy SDE

Gerald was one of the first people who inquired about our services when we were starting out in the business. I remember him asking about HD, blu-ray and crane, which we didn’t offer back then. :D A couple of months ago, I got a text from Gerald again. After not hearing from him for months, I thought that they might have already gotten a different videographer. Boy, was I wrong. He said that when he first got in touch with us, he had a feeling about us. I wonder what that feeling was, but nonetheless, we’re so happy that he decided to book us. :) Fast forward to their wedding day, which was actually the first time we met Cathy, the very beautiful bride. We had a lot of fun working on this wedding. Gerald’s family hails from Bacolod, so I felt right at home hearing everyone speak in Ilonggo (my mom’s from Iloilo). :) Oh, and it was a first time for us to see a fountain of scotch in the middle of the ballroom, literally!

Church: Santuario de San Antonio
Reception: White Space, Makati City

photos by Mayk Pericon
video by ALT X Videos


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