Miguel and Rio SDE

I’ve always admired people who are very vocal about their feelings and have no qualms on opening up about their emotions. Miguel wrote a very beautiful proposal letter to Rio, who of course, accepted. I mean, who wouldn’t, after reading the heartfelt and not to mention super sweet letter, that is enough to sweep any girl off her feet? Like Miguel’s letter for Rio, their love story was beautifully orchestrated by God. They met 11 years ago but didn’t become a couple until last year. They went through a series of twists and turns but as God had planned, they ended up with each other. Watch their SDE and feel the love. =)

Preps: Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center
Ceremony and Reception: Light of Love
MUA: Jessica Lace
Photographer: Zeus Martinez
Video by Alt X Videos www.altxvideos.com


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