Ivan and Shelah

It was a cool, rainy morning in Tagaytay. As soon as Shelah walked out the door, however, the sky cleared up. It was as if God was giving her a go signal. The moment we met Ivan and Shelah, we knew right away that what they had was something really special. Like what Shelah said in her vow, their story began in different worlds. As God had perfectly planned, they fell in love and their differences didn’t seem to matter. In fact, I think those are the very things that made them fall for each other all the more. Watch their wedding video and see for yourself. Enjoy! =)

*Fun Fact: One of Ivan’s male entourage actually portrayed Coach Freddy Roach in Manny Pacquiao’s Datu Puti commercial. Can you guess who it is? =)

Ceremony and Reception: Sonya’s Garden
Photographer: Jowell Mariano
Video by ALT X Videos www.altxvideos.com


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