Jason and Audrey Same Day Edit

Waking up so early in the morning has always been a challenge for me. For some reason though, we were all very excited to shoot Jason and Audrey’s 9AM wedding. The couple had booked us quite a while back and found out about us through one of Archie’s good friends. I remember having Jason and Audrey come over to our house, meeting them for the first time and just having the longest chat ever on just about every topic ranging from entourage flowers to the sport of wushu, which Jason happens to practice. They’re just really entertaining to be around. We even found out during their wedding reception that instead of calling each other baby or honey like most couples, they call each other Mama bear and Papa bear. That’s just the cutest thing ever! That also kind of reminds me of a particular scene in the Korean drama Full House. (Sorry! Out of topic, I know!) Anyway, I’m happy to present to you Jason and Audrey’s Same Day Edit. Notice how Audrey seemed to have a certain glow on her wedding day and how Jason was smiling all throughout the video. A blushing bride and a dashing groom personified! I hope you enjoy watching. =)

Preps: Midas Hotel
Ceremony: San Agustin
Reception: Century Seafood Restaurant

Video by Alt X Videos www.altxvideos.com
Photographer: Imagine Nation
MUA: Irene Sy Go


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