2014 Highlight Reel

We are nearing our 4th year anniversary and in celebration of this milestone, we would like to present our highlight reel, which is a compilation of just some of the weddings we’ve done the past year. We have nothing but gratitude towards all our clients who allowed us to be a part of one of the most important days of their life. We look forward to doing a lot more weddings and capturing all the special moments each our couples share. 

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Love Birds

Ryan and Maan Wedding Teaser

I first heard about birding when I watched the film, The Big Year, a couple of years ago. I had no idea that there are also a lot of bird enthusiasts in the country.

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Duda by Ersus and Jhellie

Last December, we decided to put a wedding teaser up for bids at the W@W Auction. We kinda had an idea as to who would be bidding for this but Ersus and Jhellie proved to be extremely lucky, and not to mention very competitive, and eventually won in the auction. Thanks to everyone who bid for us!

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Yayo and Glenna SDE

Happy Monday, everyone! Remember the American Horror Story-inspired teaser (see video below) we posted a little over a week ago? Yayo and Glenna tied the knot and I’m excited to share their SDE with you guys. =) And no, there’s nothing horror-ish about this video. Happy to have worked again with Osep & Mimi Photography and Lindsay Co-Alog for this wedding!

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Peter and Krizette Wedding Teaser

I don’t know what it is about 2012 but there are so many couples getting married this year! Because it’s the year of the dragon, maybe? In Archie’s family, there are 3 weddings for 2012, while there will be 1 wedding for my family this year. (I will blog about that in the coming weeks ;))

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Better Together

Biboy and Bambi wanted a video that would show how they are better as a couple than individuals. I would say that they are two very interesting individuals, but as a couple, they’re a total riot. :D Watch their Save-the-date video and see for yourself, watch it all the way til the end. Enjoy! =)

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