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Eric and Angelie SDE

According to Merriam-Webster, anticipation is the feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen. Anticipation can be conveyed in many forms. It can be expressed through a smile, tears or a deep sigh.

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Carlo and Dianne SDE

Who ever said that long distance relationships never work? I say, there’s always an exception. Carlo and Dianne’s love story is one great example. Carlo is based in Sydney, Australia while Dianne lives in Manila, but somehow, they made it work. Carlo went to Sydney in the hopes of becoming a better person. Little did he know that all he needed was Dianne.

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Eric and Jess SDE

We met Eric more than a year ago and I remember almost immediately clicking with him and his cute little brother, Renzel. I would assume that it was because we were all from DLSU, and you know what they say about (green) blood running thickerthan water.  

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