Without exaggerating, Marga is one of the most hyper, craziest brides we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. She would gamely post for a shot and would all of a sudden, break into dance. Up until the final moments before she would walk down the aisle, she would calm herself down by dancing. I could say that that’s what made her charming, and I’m sure Bryan agrees.

“Thank you for being so wonderfully weird. You know I love that about you.” These two are just so cute together! And they make such awesome subjects, which makes our job so, so easy. We had a lot of fun putting together this SDE with an LSS-worthy song. Please watch this and feel the love!

Featured Photo by Bryan Venancio

Preps: Fraser Place Manila
Ceremony: Santuario de San Jose
Reception: Manila Polo Club
MUA: Precious M. Antunez
Photographer: Bryan Venancio Photography
Video by ALT X Videos