Before coming to Hobart, I had no idea about the said city and Tasmania in general. Apart from the Tasmanian devil and Taz, I didn’t know anything else about the place we were flying into for Daniel and Chrystal’swedding. Flying in from Sydney, we immediately saw the charm that Hobart has.

A few days before the wedding day, Daniel and Chrystal were so worried because it was forecasted to rain on their wedding day. When their big day finally came, as expected, it rained all morning. Chrystal then wrote a beautiful letter to Daniel that day. She told him that they kept hoping and praying for the sun to come out and for a perfect wedding, but really, getting married to Daniel would be more than enough for it to be a perfect wedding, even with the rain.

Chrystal walked down the aisle in the middle of a beautiful garden, paying no mind to the rain. With all the people that mattered to them looking and cheering them on as they took the next step towards their happily ever after. No amount of rain was going to stop these two from spending the rest of their lives together.

Ceremony: Cascade Gardens Hobart
Reception: Hobart Convention Centre
Photos by Ryan Ortega | Photo
Styling by Unique Wedding and Events
Video by ALT X Productions